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Celebrate Christmas with Accessible tours of NSW National Parks


We are coming up to the Australian Christmas break, a time where families gather to enjoy the festive season and a time where families like to explore some of our iconic beaches, parks and beautiful bush areas. A major drawback though, for people with disability is finding a beautiful place to explore that is disability…

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The importance of inclusion

young man with cochlear, older woman with oxygen tube anad girl with glasses

Sections of our community do not understand or appreciate difference because people who are ‘different’ are rarely seen on media. An important part of raising awareness and acceptance for people with disability is to include their images and stories in popular culture. For that reason, it is encouraging that Apple has introduced a cochlear implant…

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Rebecca’s Day Out

Rebecca cuddling a giant toy penguin

Our Blacktown Parks Video Rebecca loves animals, photography, and going out – all easily accomplished with the support of one of our Social Support Team. Please click on this link to get a feel for Rebecca’s day! Thanks for the lovely photos Rebecca.

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World Down Syndrome Day

Girl playing guitar. Girl has Down Syndrome

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day. On this special day, people all around the world celebrated the lives and achievements of people with Down syndrome. Integrity Disability Hub joins you in celebrating everyone with Down Syndrome. The many famous people with Down Syndrome lead the way for everyone with or without disability to see how…

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Time to evaluate your services?

young girl sitting in a wheelchair on a basketball court

For many of us, disability is not static. It changes over time, some people finding that with the services that they are receiving that they are closer to meeting their goals, and others finding that the services they receive no longer meet their needs. January is a good time to review your disability support services…

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Need help with daily tasks? Our Daily Assistance Team can help

There are countless daily tasks that many of us take for granted. Making our bed, doing the laundry, preparing meals, doing the shopping and cleaning the house. This is not always true for people with disability. Some people need assistance with most household tasks, where others may be able to make their bed, but not…

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Does NDIS affect the Disability Support Pension (DSP)?

Does NDIS affect the Disability Support Pension

At Integrity Disability Hub, we aim to provide the best in Disability Care Services. We are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and can help you plan, manage and implement your NDIS assistance in the best possible way, personalised to your needs. As an NDIS services provider, we are often met with a…

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